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A HUGE Thank You to all of our sponsors who have made our mission at Wings of Love a possibility. With your donations, we are helping change the lives of children in just one small way! We truly appreciate you!

Givers of Grace

Sponsorships of $10,000+


Sponsors of a Family


Lenders of Love

Sponsorships of $5,000+

Charles Gregory Evans Family

Planet 9 Private Air

Company Sponsors

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)

Southern California Aviation Association (SCAA)

Galaxy FBO

International Trip Planning Services

VertiTex Community Bank

Million Air

Go Rentals

Odyssey Aviation

Priority One Aviation

Atlantic Aviation




Titan Fuels



Pure Barre Palm Desert

Contributors of Compassion

Sponsorship of $2,500+

Global Ground Transport

Universal Weather and Aviation

World Fuel

AEG Fuels

Jet Aviation

Individual Sponsors

-Melinda Engler

-Adam Jansen

-Tom McDonald

-Russ & Jeannie Gilliam

-Anabel Doza

-Jared Fox

-Don Ecckers

-Kenneth Chonoski

-Tom Willrodt

-Ralph Vasami

-Jonathan Howells

-Laura Everington

-Adam Hartley

-Shay Moraga

-Dahar Halum

-Sheri Gallegos

-Karin Accuardi

-Scott Rapacki

-Joe Brown

-David & Kimberly Marvin

-Stephen Maciolek

-Phil Derner

-Logan Thew

-Justin & Katie Murray

- Anna L. Ramirez

-Tina Eisenhart

-Brenna Soth

-Jay Orwin

-Thomas Noonan

-Timothy Maystrik

-Kyle Simpson

-Andie Trice

-Luis De La Garza

-Kathy Ochoa

-Donald Fazio

-Jeff Uekert

-Katelyn Birkelbach

-Laura Swartz

-Alek Squires

-Crystal Williams

-Mark Macha

-Andrew Jipping

-Mark Denhartigh

-Scott Adams


-Laura Swartz

-Leah Leal

-Megan Stumbo

-Plane Flight Tees

-Kelsey Pittman

-Madison Matthews

-Alexandra Ferullo

-Gary Martin

-David Byers

-Greg Schwartz

-Megan Reader

-Mandy Eisenhart

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